4 picture books to captivate kids

4 picture books to captivate kids

'A picture tells a thousand words,' so the old saying goes, and as far as kids are concerned, picture books can be an essential part of early education. Not only do they encourage literacy, but they also allow children to develop their sentence structure, vocabulary skills and learn how to read.

So in this blog, we dive into the KidsnToys range, and pick out four picture books which you might choose for your littleuns in 2021.

1. A Banana is a Banana

This treasure comes to us courtesy of Justine Clarke, the actress of 'Home and Away' fame, and the musician Josh Pyke. Based on the hilarious 'A Banana is a Banana' song, this fun book contains bright illustrations from award-winning Heath McKenzie and gets kids involved with rhyming lines.

2. I Made You a Cuddle

I Made You a Cuddle by Ami Muir is centred on the love and affection which we feel for our children. According to this tome, a cuddle is something that you make, not only give. Ideal for bedtime, written and illustrated in New Zealand, and printed beautifully with a matt finish, this book can make everyone a cuddle convert, if they weren't already a believer!

3. Sleepy Kiwi

This is a picture book designed for newborns and infants, and its black and white colour scheme is understood to appeal more to the eyes of babies, who are drawn to contrasting shades. With a theme around the native New Zealand bird, this picture book can become a favourite with your child practically from birth, being ideal for one of the earliest stages of development.

4. Bluey: The Beach

This picture book is based on the popular ABC kids TV series. You will join Bluey for a day of fun at the beach, and there are plenty of discoveries to be had while Mum goes for a walk along the beach! This is an immaculately presented and engaging lift the flap board book which is suitable for young children of all ages. It scooped both the ABIA Book of the Year and ABIA Children’s Picture Book of the Year in 2020.

So how's that 'four' starters? A selection of picture books to get your kids reading in 2021.