Blocks and stacks: ideal for baby development

Blocks and stacks: ideal for baby development
We all know babies, toddlers and kids love to play with block and stacking toys - that's why they've been around for centuries! But they're more than simply fun, and there are several reasons they should be included in your child's toy box.

Educational toys like blocks can help your child's development in several areas, such as fine motor skills and problem solving.

Fine motor skills

A major development goal for young children is mastering fine motor skills, the precise and deliberate movements of the hand that help them grip, manipulate and use objects and tools. From holding a fork to turning the pages of a book, being able to control your hands is a vital life skill. Blocks allow them to understand things like weight and balance as they hold, move and pile them.

All children develop this at different times, but blocks and stacking toys can help them practice. Most children start to create tiny towers at a year old, and by two years old, they might be able to make a tower nine blocks high.

Early maths and geometry

These deceivingly simple towers your child makes are also teaching him the beginnings of maths and geometry! The idea of fractions might seem beyond your little one, but grasping the idea that two square blocks on top of each other are the same height as a rectangular block is far more achievable.

Cause and effect

What will happen if I push my new tower? It falls! What happens if I take a block from the bottom of the stack? That falls too!

Learning concepts of cause and effect is crucial for a child's development, and the earliest, simplest way this happens is usually through the magic of building and stacking! This means that you shouldn't discourage your child from knocking over their own creations, as it is a part of the learning process - just make sure they learn not to topple their friend's tower.

If you have a little one in your life, some good old fashioned blocks and stacking toys may be the perfect toy. Take a look at our Uncle Goose range for inspiration, as well as our collection of toys from Hape.
Image by FeeLoona via Pixabay