Catch some Zzz's with a baby sleeping bag

Catch some Zzz's with a baby sleeping bag

Helping your baby drift off to sleep is not always an easy feat! There is no magic solution, but something can certainly help bring those zzz's a little closer for your little one, and increase the chances of a good night's sleep for the whole family.

We particularly love baby sleeping bags. A safe alternative to swaddling or loose covers, these wearable blankets keep your baby cosy and comfortable all night long. With many brands available to choose from, such as Love to Dream, Aden & Anais and Baby Studio, there's so many reasons to bag this sleep essential.


It's the top priority for parents everywhere! Safe sleep practitioners recommend that your baby's head should always be uncovered, with blankets tucked no higher than their shoulders. This is easier said than done when it comes to babies who enjoy kicking their legs and waving their arms around! Baby sleeping bags remove this risk of blankets becoming loose and becoming a danger, as they are buttoned or zipped beneath the arms and secured over the shoulders.

Baby sleeping bags also help keep your baby at a constant temperature, another important safer sleep practice. It can be dangerous for babies to overheat at night as they cannot properly regulate their own body temperature, so a good quality sleeping bag, along with a climate-controlled room, can help you ensure your baby stays safe and comfortable.

Pain-free bedtime routines

Baby sleeping bags feel similar to swaddling for your baby, reassuringly surrounding them, even though they do allow your baby to move around and kick. In this way, they encourage peaceful sleep, and when your baby is tucked into his sleeping bag he will associate that with bedtime. This is particularly useful if your routine has to be disrupted a little, such as during a holiday.

They also allow you to pick up your baby and feed him, without disrupting his sleeping environment. With no untucking and readjusting of blankets, you can keep your baby drowsy for that dream feed and help them transition easily back into slumber.

Fun designs

With so many sweet patterns and colours, you're sure to find sleeping bags that fit into your nursery, or show your baby's growing personality. They're also easy to care for, as they're machine-washable and tumble dryer friendly. Ideal!

If you're after a peaceful night's sleep for your little one, check out our range of sleeping bags.

Image by amyelizabethquinn via Pixabay