Christmas animal gifts for a newborn to treasure

Christmas animal gifts for a newborn to treasure

Christmas animal gifts for a newborn to treasure If you are in the wonderful position of being able to buy a gift for a recent addition to your family, or perhaps one who has completely transformed a friend's life, then you'll want to make a choice that will stay with them through their first years. And perhaps for decades longer!

Introducing baby to the animals

You'll see tiny eyes light up with joy should you bring a wondrous soft, squeezy, adorable creature into their life. Take Kissy the Puppy as an example. Her bow and smiling paws tell you so much about her attitude. From the same company (Orange Toys) comes an exotic visitor. Ooh la la - it's Pierre the Dog. With his bright red scarf and angled beret he surely has spent time walking along the Left Bank in Paris!

Rabbits and more

We started with a single bunny - but you know what they're like - so now we have a whole collection of them (it does seem that they increase in numbers each time we look away). Our Jellycat Bunnies appear in blue and pink, beige and cream; with plain or patterned, but always floppy, ears. Beside a cot seems to be their favourite place in the world - when they're not being cuddled that is! We even have a Teddy Baby comforter bunny that could quickly become a large part of an infant's world. Young minds so enjoy flights of fancy - which brings us to our birds. From Giggle and Hoot come Happy Owls - with their name you'd expect nothing else. And, of course, owls are perfect companions when baby awakens throughout the hours of darkness. While a real-life version might not make an ideal pet as baby grows, our Very Hungry Caterpillar remains a cherished favourite for so many and a nostalgic memory for the grown-ups amongst us!

So many more choices

These are just some of the many animals we look after in our 'menagerie' - you can find them all here. Each is carefully selected and sent out with love and care from our Auckland base.

Image by Skitterphoto via Pixabay