Creative winter outdoor ideas for life’s little adventurers

Creative winter outdoor ideas for life’s little adventurers

Even if there's a frosty or wet weather weekend ahead, we know how important it is to get outside with our kids. Not only will it stop children from going stir crazy, but they’ll also get a hit of vitamin D, burn off energy and have their minds and bodies challenged. Here are four creative winter outdoor activities for life’s little adventurers.

1) Spread the love with chalk and shovels

Teaching children about compassion is a great way to encourage patience and kindness. When it's cold outside, why not suggest a neighbourly activity such as offering to shovel snow or leaves away from your neighbours' front yards? Or, arm a group of children with colourful chalks and get them to write messages of hope and love on their local sidewalks.

2) Build a bird's nest

Are you looking for something that combines the outdoors with arts and crafts? Bundle your kids up in gloves and hats hats and go foraging to build a special bird's nest. Look out for feathers, moss, mud, grass and malleable twigs to weave a unique home for birds to lay their eggs. Although birds are unlikely to use a homemade nest, it will spark your children’s imagination, get their creative juices flowing and the nests can be left outside and filled with chocolate eggs to be found the next morning.

3) Saturday night star gazing

There’s nothing quite like an after-dark adventure in the great outdoors. Kit your kids out with Little Renegade backpacks and take a trip to a favourite location for some Saturday night stargazing. Print out a map of the most common constellations and pick a clear dark night for the ultimate star-spotting expedition. Pack a junior telescope and your children will soon feel like astronomical whizz kids!

4) Grow a winter veg garden

Gardening with kids encourages healthy eating and teaches them the lesson of nurturing something from the very beginning and watching it grow. Winter is the perfect time to build a garden with veg that thrives in the cold. Sow and grow everything from broad beans and onions to rocket and spinach and watch inquisitive kids enjoy every aspect of the organising, planting, growing and feasting!

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Image by Mitrey via Pixabay