Fun Activities To Do with Kids at Home

Fun Activities To Do with Kids at Home

It has been a year since the global pandemic began. Since then, many things have drastically changed including jobs, schools, planned activities, and day-to-day routines. Hence, with the new normal -- frequent lockdowns, social distancing, and quarantine, everyone is asked to stay home, especially the kids.

Unlike adults, children have short attention spans. They dislike staying indoors too long. They are known to be free-spirited and like going out, playing around, and interacting with their friends. So, while it might seem difficult and the pandemic will likely not be going away anytime soon, there are countless activities to do indoors that are essential and worthwhile. Especially when it’s not safe yet to go to crowded and outdoor playgrounds and parks. In addition, this is a time to create closer and deeper bonds with your kids.

We put together these five (5) fun indoor activities to do with kids while in isolation.


Who does not love baking, right? Now, it’s the perfect time to get baking a yummy treat! Take your kids and have a tour around the kitchen. Show them your kitchen appliances, utensils, and other cooking devices. Then, let them choose ingredients from your refrigerator and pantry.

Eventually, your kids may develop a passion for baking. They like learning new things. You can continue this activity by finding recipes that allow them to taste delicious flavors like cakes, cupcakes, or cookies. After all, you can eat these desserts right away plus your little ones will surely enjoy and love the food they have prepared.


The lockdown period is the best time to expand our kid's imagination. Children love to read storybooks, especially when pictures and illustrations are involved. You can spend quality time gathering around, getting cozy with a really good book because this will get their attention and keep them more interested. There are good reading materials that you can get online and at your local bookstore. Either way, it is a great idea to feed their minds with inspirational stories because this would help build their character.

Doing this activity teaches them the value of time and also builds their passion for art and literature. The important part is that you are there to guide them and to answer all of their questions.

Doing household chores

We have an obligation as parents to help our children develop emotionally, mentally, and physically. Household chores are an excellent opportunity to do so. Your kids might have learned in school, and it’s time to put them to practice during the lockdown. Give them rest from technology. Ask them to do chores with simple tasks like washing the dishes, picking up toys and books, and cleaning the room.

Maintaining this routine will help them learn valuable life skills, build strength, self-esteem, and most of all sense of responsibility.

Watching educational films

As the lockdown continues, our children are battling boredom most of the time. Educational films help our kids to build their understanding of ideas. Let them have fun watching it to effectively capture their attention, keep them interested, or occupied. Given that educational films are a combination of learning and entertainment, these play a vital role to increase memory performance, enhance mental growth, and social development.

Moreover, you can find a lot of different varieties of films to watch at home making this lockdown period much more enjoyable and useful for your kids.

Get them into arts and crafts

These might be the most exciting things to do at home! Painting, drawing, and making paper airplanes are just a few things that they can do. They can paint pictures of animals and you can get them to try to draw each other. Colouring materials can be messy around inside the house, but this is good because it’s fun and educational which means their brains are working. You can make a project that can make them interested. Like scrapbooking, beautify the book with art materials and personalised stickers to express their creativity. The options are endless!

After finishing each activity, let the kids have a show and tell, giving them a chance to build confidence and show the family the artwork they have done! As a reward, we congratulate and acknowledge their finished project. These are the moments you will forever cherish, looking back and reminiscing about the fun things you did during the pandemic.

Keeping children busy and entertained is a never-ending daunting task to do in the house. And we hope these five fun indoor activities help you get through this difficult time. Take this opportunity to be creative, productive, and do what makes you and the kids happy. Stay safe and sane!

Article contributed by StickerDot