High quality gear for your child

High quality gear for your child

Children love playing outdoors and it is great to see them run around, explore and connect with nature. What’s that got to do with us? Well at KidsnToys, we stock high-quality toys and gear for kids from top international brands. We are based in Auckland and our trendy online store is a family-owned and 100% New Zealand operated business providing:

High-quality caps and sunglasses for sun protection

Besides using effective sunscreen, children will be better protected while playing out in the sun with these trendy caps from the Little Renegade Company. The caps are great for everyday wear with playful designs and functional features. They are unique and fashionable. As they come in various sizes, they are suitable for little and big kids alike! Featuring the Little Renegade Company rubber logo on the front, these caps are made with breathable fabric and fit snugly. We carry Unity Kids sunglasses as they comply with the mandatory requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standards and offer high sun-glare reduction & 100% UV protection.

When it is wet outside

The raincoats from French Soda are unisex, fit well and are easy to wear. Features of the raincoat include a super soft outer for comfort and movement and a fun pinstriped lining for warmth. These raincoats have a waterproof shell, a large easy to use middle zip to seal in the dryness and long sleeves and a hood for the ultimate protection from the rain. And for their feet, we recommend French Soda’s trendy handcrafted gum boots which are made of 100% natural rubber with a waterproof design and a slip-resistant sole. These gum boots are of standard European sizing and come in a vibrant colour range.

School and family adventures

Little Renegade backpacks serve a dual purpose for both school and family adventures. With fun, colourful and unique designs, these backpacks are made of durable canvas with extra padding on the back. The straps are padded as well and fully adjustable. Contact us today at ToysnKids for the best toys, apparel and accessories for your children. Your kids will love our high-quality gear!

Image by ddimitrova via Pixabay