Hot summer days made easy with these great kids activities

Hot summer days made easy with these great kids activities

The warm summer months are a fantastic time of year, with long afternoons spent with the children at the beach or pool. However, sometimes it can be just far too hot to venture outdoors and you are better off staying cool at home with the littlies. But how to entertain younger children at home all day?

Perhaps structure your day to incorporate both some active play in the morning and some quiet play in the afternoon. The KidsnToys range offers a huge variety of toys and games that your children would love to play with on a day spent at home.

• Active play in the morning

Start the day with a fun game of Match It! Listen & Play at Home Bingo. Incorporating an Electronic Sound button that the kids will just love, this game also teaches young children sound, object and word recognition.

Then it might be time to burn off some energy and head outside! Set up the Banzai Water Wiggles in the backyard, under the shade, and sit and relax while the kids climb all over this water-filled snake. They will really get a giggle when the snake sprays them with water!

• Quiet play in the afternoon

As the day warms up further, it might be time to retreat back inside and have some quiet time. Close the curtains and turn on the Night Sky Projection Kit and transform a bedroom or lounge into a starry night! Use the star chart to help the kids find constellations in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Kids love to colour and this activity will also keep them engaged for ages on a hot afternoon. For something different, try the Forest Animals Magic Water Doodle Book which incorporates magic watercolour art and teaches words, numbers and colours.

The ABC Melody Maker by the Learning Journey is also a toy much loved by kids. This fun electronic device features 5 games and puzzles and includes a songbook. Your children will have a ball!

These fantastic resources are all available online from the family-owned KidsnToys, based in New Zealand. Order yours today!

Image by FeeLoona via Pixabay