It's time for Toshi in the sunshine!

It's time for Toshi in the sunshine!

Toshi has become a significant lifestyle brand in New Zealand in the decades since the brand was established. Japanese kanji symbolism sees Toshi as the dawn of a new era. Here in Australia and across the southern hemisphere, we're welcoming the dawn of a new summer! This means lots of sun - and Toshi's brilliant sunhats become essential for kids.

More about Toshi

Our customers - and friends - often ask our team about the brand names we sell. They're keen to know more. In this case, Toshi was established by Ananda Rubens just before the new millennium arrived. From their Melbourne head office, collections are designed which reflect their unique brand identity. These are anchored in the world of contemporary fashion.

And these terrific kid's hats!

Kids love to be on-trend and parents want to keep them protected! With a dozen and a half choices, we're sure you'll find the one that's just right for your young ones. There are some key features you'll quickly notice. There's a practical head tie so it can be fastened just right. Then there's a toggle to keep it in place. But there's also a security release clasp for safe wearing. Of course, the broad brim is good for enhanced protection from the hot summer sun. Toshi hat linings are of the finest 100% cotton to make wearing them feel great. They're also incredibly durable. Sizes fit youngsters from around eight months right up to six years old.

Time to browse their stunning designs

Just before you do - a few examples of the range you'll find here. There's Secret Garden showing delicate field flowers featuring a soft pink colourway. Drifter features Great Whites in their deep blue ocean world. Storytime Road Work presents some terrific construction vehicles; so many young minds will surely dig that! Drifter Jungle Giants uses a rustic and earthy palette to present those dinosaurs beloved by so many. These, and all our other amazing Toshi Hats are ready to be shipped from KidsnToys straight onto the head and into the imaginations of your young ones. So, please browse and choose now at your leisure.