Puzzles: the perfect gift

Puzzles: the perfect gift

Are you stuck looking for a last-minute gift, but you're not sure what to get? Perhaps you want to buy an educationally focused toy, but are looking for something different? If you are looking to answer any of these questions, then the gift you are looking for is a puzzle!

1. Engage with existing interests and life stages

A puzzle can be a great add on to a present that is focused on a child's existing interests at any life stage. Early learners can explore the alphabet and numbers through the ABC caterpillar and Number Street. Older children, with a love of animals, will be enchanted by a 4 in 1 Jungle Box puzzle or the Learning Journey Jungle Friends Giant Floor puzzle. For the older 'kid' in your life, why not try a Game of Thrones of puzzle ball?

2. Develop important life skills

Solving a puzzle promotes the development of problem-solving skills from an early age. As children become older, and the problems more complex, they will also start to learn, test and apply strategy in order to complete the puzzle. Finally, engaging with puzzles from an early age can also help children to learn to enjoy solving complex problems and overcoming obstacles. 

3. Shape and pattern recognition 

From the time children start to engage with puzzles, they are beginning to recognise and differentiate between shapes and patterns. Shape and pattern recognition is an important skill in helping children to recognise the "whole" when solving any problem. 

4. Physical skills

It may not seem obvious, but completing a puzzle develops essential physical skills. Identifying, choosing and using a puzzle piece helps in the development of hand-eye coordination. 

5. Time together

While a puzzle is a great individual activity, completing a puzzle as a family has a range of benefits. Time together helps to reduce stress, teaches children conflict resolution skills, boost self-confidence, helps to build resilience and has even been shown to extend life expectancy!

Whatever the occasion, bring the joy of solving a puzzle to your child. These wonderful toys can all be found at Kids n Toys, alongside many other fantastic gift options, from toys and games to clothes and books. This family operated business in New Zealand has a huge range in stock and ready to ship to you!

Image by congerdesign via Pixabay