The importance of toys and games for children

The importance of toys and games for children

Children learn best through play and interactions with family, friends and caregivers. What needs to be considered carefully when choosing suitable toys is the age of the child to ensure that the toys chosen are age appropriate to stimulate their senses and motivate them to learn. Choosing high quality toys is best as this ensures that the toys are designed well and are safe for your child.

Choosing the right toys and games for your baby

Colours, sound, textures and interactions with you will stimulate your baby’s brain and help with early development in learning and bonding. At KidsnToys, our beautiful and adorable Jellycat plush toy bunnies are extremely soft and of superb quality to ensure that you will have many delightful hours engaging and playing with your baby.

Toddler toys

Classic toys including blocks and stacking toys, construction and educational toys are great for toddlers and children aged three to four years. Children from four years and older enjoy using their imagination and solving problems. Puzzles and games are an effective choice for this age group of kids. The benefits of matching cards and memory games are:

  • Enhances short term memory and trains visual memory
  • Helps develop concentration and attention to detail
  • Improves the ability to find similarities and differences in objects
  • Enhances vocabulary when classifying objects that are grouped by similar traits
  • Appropriate toys for older children

Children over eight enjoy more complex construction toys and are interested in Science. National Geographic sets like how to build your own volcano, glow in the dark putty, blue and purple crystal growing labs will all prove to be of great interest to these children.

When children play with toys and games with other children, not only is their brain development being enhanced, but also their social and emotional skills. KidsnToys is a family-owned and 100% New Zealand operated business, based in Auckland. We understand the importance of play and toys for children and we are proud and happy to offer an extensive range of toys and clothes for babies, toddlers and children until the age of twelve. Explore our range today.


Image by Pexels via Pixabay