Three benefits of plush toys for children

Three benefits of plush toys for children

Plush toys are not only adorable, they can benefit children in many ways. Below are listed three ways in which plush toys can aid children in daily life.

Refine basic life skills

Plush toys come in all sorts of colours, shapes, sizes, materials and textures. For babies and small children, touch is one of the main senses they use when learning about the world around them. In particular, plush toys can be helpful in teaching small children tasks such as teeth brushing or hair brushing. As they are learning these simple actions, they can be asked to repeat the task, demonstrating on a plush toy. A plush toy can also help in other important lessons. For example, when a child is learning colours, they could enhance the learning by pretending to teach their plush friend.

Develops social skills and empathy

A plush toy can quite literally become a child’s best friend, going everywhere and doing everything with them. Tea parties are held with all the plush toys present, or perhaps the plush toys embark on an epic quest into the unknown. These forms of pretend play encourage the child to talk and hold conversations, as well as make sure that each plush member of their party is adequately looked after and safe.

Boost confidence and feelings of security

There can be lots to be afraid of when you’re small and stepping out into the big wide world for the first time. To combat any potential fear, a plush toy friend can be included in the activity. Perhaps the child is starting preschool and is not entirely thrilled with the idea. Encourage them to take their favourite plush toy as their protector or friend, or even engage in some role play in which you act out the scene of arriving at preschool and depict what will happen so that the child is more aware of what to expect.

Plush toys are the perfect toy to give children a comforting companion as they embark on their maiden voyages into the world. Check out the classic toys and plush animals available at KidsnToys today.

Image by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay