Why are they called gumboots?

Why are they called gumboots?
Kids love to ask questions, often about things adults take for granted. One of our favourites was a seven-year-old who suddenly asked his dad 'Why is the sky up?' We're still mulling over that one!

But back to gumboots

Of course, you could give them their older name of Wellington boots and start a history lesson about the Duke. But, maybe not now. Gumboots were first discovered by explorers to South America, among other places, because they were often created by the local population using the sap of the rubber tree.

This was put on as a foot-covering. When it dried out and hardened, these 'boots' could then be peeled off and later worn when wet weather arrived. This idea then morphed into moulded rubber boots, but the name stuck.

Our selection of gumboots is a bit more stylish than those originals! Waterproof of course, and available in Standard European sizes, they offer natural rubber outers and slip-resistant soles. Bright colours attract young approval, as do the fully fleeced linings on drab and cool days.

So what about bucket hats then?

Another product name that attracts questions. In fact, there are several variations of names for this hat in different places, including a fisherman's, an Irish county or walking hat, or even a session hat (with musical connotations) - but let's not complicate matters!

Half a century or so ago, it started to become a fashionable piece of headgear, but it first appeared 50 years or so earlier, mainly as a tweed or felt hat for farmers and fishermen in Ireland. Across Europe, it occasionally has other, not always complimentary names - including troublemaker's hat. In France, it's apparently sometimes called Bob!

As far as we can tell, the bucket name simply refers to the shape - unless you know better (please tell us!). Our kids' Bedhead Classic Bucket Hat is a UPF50+ sun hat with superb anti-flop technology for constantly clear vision when your youngster is wearing it. Our quick dry Millymook choice offers a soft rubber toggle and removable chin strap. There are just two items from our wide range - there are lots of standout designs!

That's enough wisdom for one day

We hope you've enjoyed this delve into the back story of boots and hats. If your youngster should ask about them after you've bought them any of our superb KidsnToys bucket hats or gumboots, you're good to go with the answers!